How to Write Pelican Blog Posts using RMarkdown & Knitr

Posted on Thu 05 January 2017 in R • Tagged with R, Pelican, BlogLeave a comment

In this post I'm going to be talking about how to easily modify your Pelican blog configuration to let you directly publish blog posts using RMarkdown.

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Popularity of Baby Names Since 1880

Posted on Sun 20 November 2016 in R • Tagged with R, ShinyLeave a comment

In this post, I will present an interactive analysis on the popularity of baby names since 1880. The analysis was built in R, with interactivity provided with Shiny

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Installing and Running Shiny Server from Source on 32-bit Ubuntu

Posted on Sun 20 March 2016 in R • Tagged with R, Projects, ShinyLeave a comment

A detailed guide to the exact steps I took to get a shiny server running on my 32-bit cloud-based ubuntu server on Digital Ocean.

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How to write an R Data Frame to an SQL Table

Posted on Wed 08 July 2015 in R • Tagged with R, SQLLeave a comment

A brief tutorial on how you can create SQL tables directly from R to make querying based on a list of IDs a simpler process

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Analyzing Historical Default Rates of Lending Club Notes

Posted on Mon 09 March 2015 in R • Tagged with R, ProjectsLeave a comment

This post briefly discusses the background of peer-to-peer lending before diving into some exploratory data analysis on the Lending Club data set. This will be the first in a series of posts with the aim of creating a predictive model to determine the probability of default for peer-to-peer loans.

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Plotting the Evolution of the U.S. Treasury Yield Curve

Posted on Wed 12 November 2014 in R • Tagged with R, ProjectsLeave a comment

Examining the history of the U.S. Treasury yield curve from 1982 through 2014 through R plotting. This post offered me a good opportunity to experiment with R plotting and graphical parameters.

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