Mapping Legal Marijuana States and Medical Marijuana States 1995 - 2019

Posted on Sat 20 April 2019 in Maps • Tagged with R, MarijuanaLeave a comment

Mapping the growth of legal marijuana states and medical marijuana states from 1995 - 2019

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Generating the Ultimate List of 41 Data Science Podcasts by Crowdsourcing Google Results

Posted on Fri 19 April 2019 in R • Tagged with R, Data Science Podcasts, Analytics Podcasts, Data Visualization Podcasts, Machine Learning PodcastsLeave a comment

I created the most extensive list of data science podcasts available by crowdsourcing results from Google search into this my own ultimate list of 41 data science podcasts.

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A Detailed Guide to Plotting Line Graphs in R using ggplot geom_line

Posted on Wed 17 April 2019 in R • Tagged with R, ggplot, line graph, geom_lineLeave a comment

Simple line graphs are one of the most powerful ways to convey graphical information. This detailed guide to plotting line graphs in R will teach you how to use with ggplot and geom_line to make your own line graphs in R

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R Programmers Earn More than Python Programmers

Posted on Mon 15 April 2019 in R • Tagged with R, NewsLeave a comment

At least globally, that is. According to the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, R users globally reported earning an average of $64k per year, $1k more than the $63k reported by Python developers. In the United States, that situation reverses, with Python programmers earning $116k and R programmers $108k.

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Announcement: Register by Friday for Free R Training Sessions

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I run this blog because I want to help you learn to be a better R user! But in order to do that, I need to know more about where you are in your journey and the kinds of problems you're facing.

So, I'm excited to announce that ...

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The Ultimate Opinionated Guide to Base R Date Format Functions

Posted on Tue 09 April 2019 in R • Tagged with R, DateLeave a comment

When I was first learning R, working with dates was one of the hardest and most time consuming tasks I dealt with. There are so many things to learn! What do I do with as.POSIXct(), as.POSIXlt(), strftime(), strptime(), format(), and as.Date()? R date formats were confusing, and ...

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How to Filter in R: A Detailed Introduction to the dplyr Filter Function

Posted on Mon 08 April 2019 in R • Tagged with R, dplyr, filter, How ToLeave a comment

Data wrangling. It's the process of getting your raw data transformed into a format that's easier to work with for analysis.

It's not the sexiest or the most exciting work.

In our dreams, all datasets come to us perfectly formatted and ready for all kinds of sophisticated ...

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How to Create a Bar Chart Race in R - Mapping United States City Population 1790-2010

Posted on Thu 04 April 2019 in R • Tagged with R, Bar Chart Race, How ToLeave a comment

In my corner of the internet, there's been an explosion over the last several months of a style of graph called a bar chart race. Essentially, a bar chart race shows how a ranked list of something--largest cities, most valuable companies, most-followed Youtube channels--evolves over time. Maybe you've ...

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You Need to Start Branding Your Graphs. Here's How, with ggplot!

Posted on Wed 27 February 2019 in R • Tagged with R, Branding, How ToLeave a comment

In today's post I want to help you incorporate your company's branding into your ggplot graphs. Why should you care about this? I'm glad you asked!


Have you ever seen a graph that looks like this? Of course you have! This is the default ggplot theme, and ...

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How to Write Pelican Blog Posts using RMarkdown & Knitr, 2.0

Posted on Wed 14 June 2017 in R • Tagged with R, Pelican, BlogLeave a comment

A clean & easy workflow for getting R analyses published as on a Pelican blog

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