Announcement: Register by Friday for Free R Training Sessions

Posted on Wed 10 April 2019 in R

I run this blog because I want to help you learn to be a better R user! But in order to do that, I need to know more about where you are in your journey and the kinds of problems you're facing.

So, I'm excited to announce that over the next two weeks I am going to be offering free one-on-one 45-minute R training sessions to 10 people! You come to me with a problem, and we'll work together over a screen sharing session to solve it using R!

Would it be helpful to spend 45 minutes with me and receive personalized advice on solving your R problems? Then please contact me here and give me some details about the project you'd like me to help with!

Make sure to submit your request by noon EST on Friday, April 12. I'll get back to you for scheduling early next week if you're one of the 10 selected!

I want to leave this relatively open to different topics, but this should give you some ideas of things I will be able to help you with:

  • Loading and Cleaning Data in R using readr, dplyr, and other tidyverse tools
  • Creating graphs in R with ggplot
  • Animating graphs in R using gganimate
  • Creating reports in R using RMarkdown and knitr
  • Creating your own R package
  • Creating maps in R

I look forward to hearing from you!